We made MED IQ to solve a problem I had as coach:  making sure first aid was available when and where it was needed.  Below is the story of how MED IQ came to life.


One Saturday morning our triathlon team was gathered in Duarte, CA for a long brick workout.  We planned a 50 mile ride followed by a 6 or 8 mile run.  The ride was an out and back along the San Gabriel River Bike Path heading south to Long Beach and back.  Unbeknownst to us, a local race organizer had an event scheduled that would put racers on the same bike path starting in Long Beach and heading north.  You can probably tell where this is going. About 20 miles into the ride we come to a tunnel that takes you underneath one of the major streets in the area.  The tunnel was narrow and poorly lit.  Our team slowed to make sure we got through safely.  A participant in the race, however, did not. One of the athletes behind me was forced off the path and into a ditch.

I heard the accident, but didn’t see it.  I hopped off my bike and ran back into the tunnel to check on our athlete.  She was a little shaken up and had a couple of scrapes that had started to bleed.  Her bike didn’t fare nearly as well.  The front rim was warped beyond repair and the bike was unrideable.  We pulled all the way off the bike path and after double and triple checking that she was okay and nothing was broken we called one of our assistant coaches back in the parking lot to have them bring the first aid kit around.  Remember, we’re 20+ miles into a 50 mile ride.  The best case scenario would have the car getting to us in half an hour.  Having an athlete wait half an hour to receive first aid is unacceptable.  That was my fault and it led to…


Although we were prepared as a coaching staff, we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. We had multiple first aid kits available, but we didn’t have a good way to get them to various points on the course.
What we needed as a team, and what I needed in that instant, was a first aid kit on my bike. The only way to make sure you have a first aid kit when you need one is to always have one with you.
So how do you get a lunchbox sized first aid kit to be portable and easy to carry, even on long rides? You don’t. You make a new kind of first aid kit instead.


… Introducing MED IQ by Pedal IQ. Standing off to the side of the bike path that Saturday morning was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had as a coach. I was prepared to give aid yet I was unable to. I didn’t feel helpless but I did feel useless. In that moment, there was nothing I could for our athlete except wait with her.

I started thinking about everything that was in the two kits I normally have in my car. I tried to think of the absolute minimum number of supplies necessary to cover the maximum number of cycling injuries.The kit needed things for big cuts and little cuts, knees and knuckles, a mosquito bite or bee sting, and even a triangle bandage for a sling. In addition to thinking about what needed to go into the kit, it was important to consider what the kit would go into. Zippered pouches, plastic bags, bento boxes, seat bags, a backpack, no reasonable idea was left unconsidered.
In the end, we were able to source an exceptional solution from Specialized in the form of their KEG storage container. It’s compact, rugged, water tight, and fits in a standard bottle cage or jersey pocket. For me, it was absolutely perfect. I finally had a first aid kit I could have on my bike every time I go out for a ride. From now on, I’ll always have first aid when and where its needed. You can too. MED IQ is available from our web store by itself and as a part of our Bike Safety Bundle. Get one for you and a friend today.



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